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802.11 OFDM Beacon Receiver with USRP Hardware

This example shows how to use the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP™) device using Software Defined Radio USRP (SDRu) System objects™ to implement a WLAN receiver. The receiver is able to recover 802.11™ OFDM non-high-throughput (non-HT) beacon frames transmitted over the air from commercial 802.11 hardware.

Example Summary

WLAN Toolbox™ provides functions and tools to decode 802.11 waveforms. This example shows how to receive signals from commercial WLAN transmitters in MATLAB using USRP. A receiver design demonstrates synchronization, transmission configuration recovery, and payload decoding for non-HT packets.

This example captures an over-the-air waveform and processes OFDM beacon packets to recover the payload contents. To recover beacon packets, the receiver performs packet detection, symbol timing and frequency offset correction, and legacy signal (L-SIG) and payload decoding. The example then evaluates the decoded payload bits to determine whether the payload is a beacon frame and subsequently displays the contents.

To view an example of a WLAN front end processing which does not require SDR hardware see 802.11 OFDM Beacon Receiver with Captured Data.

Support Package

Use the Add-On Explorer to install the required support package.

More information about other supported SDR platforms can be found here.

Full Example

For the full example description and source code, see IEEE® 802.11™ WLAN - OFDM Beacon Receiver with USRP® Hardware (Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio).

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