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Do you have any product that can communicate through Modbus protocol?

I want to know if MathWorks offers any products that I can use to communicate through Modbus protocol.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 11 Aug 2017
Edited by MathWorks Support Team on 11 Aug 2017
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As of MATLAB R2017a, Instrument Control Toolbox provides a MODBUS interface (tcpip and serialtu) for communicating with MODBUS slaves.

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Could you tell me, please, if it is possible to implement MODBUS ASCII/RTU communication via serial port with MATLAB on the slave computer. I cannot find anything on that ! All cases (posts) that I found are when MATLAB is used as the host/master.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Vinod
on 12 Mar 2017

Instrument Control Toolbox added support for MODBUS in R2017a. Take a look at the functionality documented here.

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Vinod, thank you for the reply very much. I had a look at the MODBUS functionality in R2017a. Again, it is all for MODBUS host. Even MATLAB support did not give me any examples of implementing MODBUS communication on the slave, though they say it is possible.

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