How to find the X- and Y- axis interecpt of this plot in Matlab?

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Please consider this sample code:
a=2.3;b=5.3; % constants
n=1000; % number of data blocks
data=a+(b-a)*rand(1,3500); % data points
x=[1:.1:7]; % x-axis
for i=length(x):-1:1
semilogy(x,ccdf) % CCDF of data
My question is that if we could find and mark the Y-axis intercept.
I can use the * Data Marker * option in Matlab Figure to mark the X & Y axis values but is there any other way to do so?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 19 Nov 2013
The Y axis intercept of a log plot... so in other words the place where the y data would equal 1 ?
If so then because y represents the cumulative distribution, y would be 1 at the right hand edge of the distribution, the end-point of where the distribution becomes defined. Which would be "b" in your code.


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