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what does meshgrid function do in resampling?

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bkshn il 26 Nov 2013
I use a code in the name of imresampling, it uses meshgrid function like bellow
[Ox,Oy] = meshgrid(ss(1):ops(1):c*ops(1)+ss(1),... ss(2):ops(2):r*ops(2)+ss(2));
[Nx,Ny] = meshgrid(nn(1):nps(1):c*ops(1)+nn(1),... nn(2):nps(2):r*ops(2)+nn(2));
[Ox,Oy] is old pixel size, [Nx,Ny] is new pixel size
ops = oldpixsize; nps = newpixsize; ss = ops/2; nn = nps/2; ] I want to know
1. what is goining to create by meshgrid function?
and 2. what is the meaning of "..." in the function?

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