We want to create a random 20x20 circulant matrix. Please help!

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We want to generate a random 20x20 circulant matrix in MatLab. It should be symmetric. Then we should calculate its eigenvalues. We have no experience and this is our graduation project, so it's important for us. Please help!

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sixwwwwww il 5 Dic 2013
you can do it as follows:
a = randi(100, 20, 1);
b = [];
for i = 1:20
b = [b, a];
a = circshift(a, 1);
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Emmanuel Ijiga
Emmanuel Ijiga il 2 Ott 2016
Modificato: Andrei Bobrov il 2 Ott 2016
M = 20;
input = randi([0 15], 1, M); %Random Input values between 0 and 15
CM = zeros(M,M); %Initialize Circulant Matrix (CM)
CM(1,:) = input; %place the input values in the first row of CM
for kk = 1:(size(CM,1) - 1)
CM(kk+1,1) = CM(kk,end);
CM(kk+1,2:end) = CM([kk],[1:end - 1])

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