How can I find number of column on an Image?

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bkshn il 11 Feb 2014
Modificato: Image Analyst il 15 Feb 2014
I have an image and a vector on it, could you help me How can I find numbers of column that this vector goes from them? for example I want to know this vector goes from (1,1),(2,2),.... I attach image with three vectors. Please help me. Thank you
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bkshn il 15 Feb 2014
I didn't draw this vector myself.
I have an image in size of 466*700. I down sample this image to 4 image in size of 233*350. I plot 4 vectors on this four images by a function, and I compose this 4 image together. right know I SEE those vector in my original image, but I want to know elements that vector goes on image. I use find function to determine these elements, But they aren't in right order.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 15 Feb 2014
Modificato: Image Analyst il 15 Feb 2014
Make it easy for us to help you. I'm not feeling too motivated right now. Read this: And try much harder to attach images or screenshots.

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