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Raspberry monitor output device with Simulink Libraries for Raspberry Pi in Matlab 2013

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Hallo, I'm trying to utilize the LCD monitor that I've connected to my Raspberry Pi.
I'm using the Raspberry Pi Simulink libraries to do that but I've didn't understood how to axcess to the monitor device of the Raspberry Pi. I'm using MATLAB r2013a and MATLAB r2013b with the Simulink libraries for Raspberry Pi connection.
For exemple I'm able to acquire images from the USB webcam connected to my Rasberry Pi and send them to the Host PC monitor by LAN connection. How to visualize the images on the Raspberry Pi monitor device instead? And how to make an XY plot?
Thank you.

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge il 6 Mar 2014
There is an "SDL Video Display" block in the Simulink library for Raspberry Pi. This block takes an RGB or YCbCr image as input and displays the image on the monitor. If you run your model in External Mode, block outputs the image to your host computer's monitor. If you run your model on Raspberry Pi without using External Mode, the block outputs the image to the HDMI monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi. Take a look at the Image Inversion demo to see how you can utilize the SDL Video Display block in two different run modes.
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