smothing crooked boundary of cell images

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divya r
divya r il 13 Mar 2014
Risposto: Image Analyst il 14 Mar 2014
I am trying to segment images of some cells. The I have almost done it completely, but in my final image the boundaries of the cells are not smooth because of some blob of pixels connected to the boundary. I was not able to get rid of these blobs at an earlier stage without effecting the detection of the boundary of the cells as well.
Is there any way I can smooth out the boundaries? I have an idea about how it can be done, but dont know how to implement it. What I had in mind is to use the elliptical shape of the cells as a reference and remove the unwanted pixels. Also, some of the cells are split into two by a septum. Therefore, each elliptical cell is split into two halves of an ellipse.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 14 Mar 2014
You can pass those boundaries into poly2mask and crate a binary image. Then pass that into activecontour to get smoothed boundaries. See attached demo. Or you could try a different filter such as a LOG or DOG filter.

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