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Changing a variable which is inside a function file from a script

Asked by Tommy
on 29 Mar 2014
Latest activity Answered by erick oibi on 4 May 2018
Hi everyone:
I have a question. The question is that is there a way to change a value which is defined inside a function file from a script file.
For example:
I have a function .m file called A, and this function file outputs a struct.
Inside this A.m file, I have defined a value x= 5 which is inside a struct along with other variables.
This function A.m file will then will called by a s-function to do some calculation. However, before being called by the s-function, I want to change the value x to another value from a script file B.m, so that the modified A.m function file can then be used in the s-function to obtain a different result.
Is there a way to do it?
I have tried loading all the variables (the struct) to the workspace and change the value of x, but this change only happened in the workspace but not in the function A .m file. Is there a way to make the change directly in the function file?
Thank you very much


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2 Answers

Answer by Dishant Arora on 29 Mar 2014
 Accepted Answer

make use of global or evalin, but it's suggested to avoid both of them. You might want to make use of setappdata and getappdata.
setappdata(0,'Variable',x) % In your script file.
x = getappdata(0,'Variable') % In function file.


Thank you for your answer, it worked.
If I want to replace the value of x in every iteration.
For example:
In my script I have:
b = rand(50,1); % Generate 50x1 random numbers
for i = 1 : 1 : 30
testFunction; % Load the function file so i can view the values
and in my function file, I have
width1 = getappdata(0,'variable');
mf0=struct('name','mf0','type','triuvar','params',[-11.1953 -9.1953 -3.7814 width1 3.6325]);
When I debug this, I found that the width1 only update itself in the first iteration, but in the second iteration, width1 became a [] instead of the second value of b . It looks like setappdata and getappdata does not work with a vector. Is there another way that width1 can be updated in every iteration?
Thank you very much
A = 1:10;
A(4:1) % See what MATLAB says
In your loop same thing happens, your starting indices is greater than end indices. Do this:
b(i:-1:1) % Instead of b(i:1)
Or perhaps you want:
Hi Dishant
Thank you very much for your help.
I have sorted out the problem I had. I made a very stupid mistake. I should have b(i,1) instead of b(i:1).
Thank you very much for your help

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Answer by erick oibi on 4 May 2018

Hey, I have 5 functions and one script. I want to update data in one of the functions, to be used in function two, when function two is called in the script. this is the first function: busdatas.m. The second function is loadflow.m. loadflow function, uses data from function busdatas.m and other functions to do loadflow. in my script, named: indexing, I want to update databus.m data before using it in load flow. The data is not changed when carrying out loadflow, it changes only in the script when displaying. Kindly help me update the data line 38 of the script named indexing. I have tried to use setappdata and getappdata functions, but I am getting it wrong, Kindly help me.


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