How to solve the following system of equations?

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Sameer il 4 Giu 2014
Commentato: Sameer il 4 Giu 2014
I have a set of equations and I want to solve using matrix system. Please have a lppk at the example
solving for unknowns i.e V1,V2,V3.
How to solve such a system using matrixes. Please Guide!!!

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Roger Wohlwend
Roger Wohlwend il 4 Giu 2014
Modificato: Roger Wohlwend il 4 Giu 2014
Two of the three equations are non-linear. You cannot solve these with some simple matrix operations. Take a pencil and a paper and calculate the solution yourself. It is not so hard. If you look closely at the second and third equation, you find out that V2 = V3 or V2 = -V3.
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Sameer il 4 Giu 2014
Hi...Thanks for replying. Its not about 3 equations. My system of equations consists of 14 equations out of which 7 equations are linear and 7 are non linear. Any guidance is appriciated.

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