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Read data in matlab functions for protected model Simulink

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I developped a Simulink model in which I call some Matlab function block. In these ones, I need to use some functions such as pwd or xlsread to read an entire xlsx/csv file once and get some table to use in matlab function later.
But I also need to protect my model and to use these functions I need to pass through :
But it is not supported for the code generation.
Is there a easy way to fix this ? I didn't find a Simulink block to get some information such as the path of the executed model, and any other reading function has the same problem as xlsread.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Best regards.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 2 Set 2021
You tell me that the load() function is not compatible to be used during a simulation ?
No, I am telling you that the documentation says that you can use load() of a .mat file at run-time, and that the file can vary (though you do need to take care about which directory to look in for the file.)
I have no information about how any of this interacts with protect()
Mathieu Gauquelin
Mathieu Gauquelin il 2 Set 2021
Ok thank you. I succeed to protect my model using coder.load finally, with a constant file in input. How to accept one of your comment as answer ?

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