Need help to get the minimum absolute value of intersection point

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below are my two vector L1(976x1) and L2(976x101) . i am calculatin the minimum absolute value where they intersecting. the figure below is for the command of
figure, plot(Tspan,y(:,1)), hold on, plot(tspan,SigV(:,81))
so if i run Tspan(rowOfMinValue) and tspan(rowOfMinValue) i am getting different values at column no 81 than the graph for both case.i need the value exactly where they are intersecting.
tspan =[0.0976:-0.0001:0] % Span for L1
Tspan = [0 : 0.0001: 0.0976] % Span for L2
L1 = y( : ,1);
L2 = SigV;
dL =L2(:,1:end)- L1;
columns = length(dL(1,:));
rowOfMinValue = [];
for col = 1 : columns
% Find min value in this column, and it' s row number (index).
[minValue(col), rowOfMinValue(col)] = min(abs(dL(:, col)));
% Report to command window:
md mayeen uddin
md mayeen uddin on 4 Sep 2021
Hi mat, i have attached both y and SigV here. since SigV is (976x101) i just shared you the SigV(: , 81) which is represented in Figure 1

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KSSV on 4 Sep 2021

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