Finding location of specific element from a MATRIX returns '0×1 empty double column vector'

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Zhou Ci
Zhou Ci on 23 Sep 2021
Commented: Zhou Ci on 23 Sep 2021
Hi everyone,
I have a matrix and I'm trying to find location of some specific elements but it gives me no answer. My code:
[i,j] = find(a==23.5975) % it can be clearly seen in the figure that this value is present in the
% 1st row and 3rd column. but it gives the following result.
i =
0×1 empty double column vector
j =
0×1 empty double column vector
I'll be gratefu for any help, thank you.

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 23 Sep 2021
[i,j] = find(abs(a-23.5975)<1e-20)

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