Can I create custom help for Simulink subsystems?

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When you mask a subsystem you can add custom help to the mask in the Documentation tab of the Mask Editor. By doing this you can right click the mask and go to 'Help' at the bottom of the drop down to pull up the documentation in the MATLAB web browser. Is there any way to do this same thing with a regular, unmasked subsystem?

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 11 Aug 2014
I've been using this workaround:
  1. Add the mask to the subsystem and create your documentation as normal. Don't add anything else to the mask.
  2. Now when you try to double click on a block to open it, you have an ugly empty mask popup.
  3. To get rid this, go to Properties->Callbacks->OpenFcn, and add the command open_system(gcb,'force').

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