Is Matlab compatible with Mac OS Monterey?

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I plan to upgrade my Mac OS to the latest Mac OS Montere. I wonder if that will cause any issues?
I'm currently on MATLAB R2021a.
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Claire-Louise Hahn
Claire-Louise Hahn il 30 Mar 2022
same here ...
previous versions however run smoothly

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 29 Ott 2021
The System Requirements page indicates the current release of MATLAB (release R2021b) is supported on macOS Monterery (12). The release R2021a page does not list Monterey as a supported OS.
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Leon il 29 Ott 2021
Modificato: Leon il 29 Ott 2021
Many thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately, R2021b is not an option for me. I tested it extensively during pre-release, it kept crashing on me. I just tested the stable release version again a few weeks ago. It did the same thing.
Not sure if it was related to my operating system, i.e., Mac OS Big Sur, but R2021b was hands down the least stable version of Matlab in my experiences for a long time.

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