Using 'if' to conduct specific matrix cell operations

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I'm trying to use the 'if' function on specific matrix cells to create a new matrix then find the product of that matrix, which will ultimately be used to minimuze a risk function. So far I have Points 'P' and the associated failure 'Pfailgrid', both 1x200 matrices, but regardless of my changes in P (which are binary), y = 0. Any tips would be appreciated, I'm sure I haven't clarified well enough so please let me know if I can do so. Thank you.
function y = DistObj(P)
Pfailgrid = readmatrix('PfailColumn.xlsx'); %1x200
P = readmatrix('Points.xlsx'); %1x200
if P(:,1) <= 1
P2(:,1) = 1-Pfailgrid(:,1);
P2(:,1) = 1;
y = prod(P2); % makes 1x200 = Ppass

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Matt J
Matt J on 19 Nov 2021
Daniel McDonald
Daniel McDonald on 19 Nov 2021
Matt, I think this fixed it. I definitely had some fundamental errors about making this function and, in a quest for an answer, forgot what I was trying to solve for! By changing y = DistObj(x) and setting P = x(1) I believe that resolves the issue. The code below is what I plan to use in the optimization:
% Objective function - Solving for P
function y = DistObj(x)
Pfailgrid = readmatrix('PfailColumn.xlsx'); %1x200
P = x(1); %readmatrix('Points.xlsx'); %1x200
P2 = ones(size(P));
subset = (P<1);
y = sum(log(P2)); % makes scalar = Ppass
% y = prod(P2);
%Import excel matrices
Dist = readmatrix('Distance.xlsx');
Pfailgrid = readmatrix('Pfail10_20.xlsx');
f = @(x)DistObj(x);
%Call x0
x0 = readmatrix('Points.xlsx');
%upper and lower bounds
lb = readmatrix('lb.xlsx');
ub = readmatrix('ub.xlsx');
nonlcon = @DistNonlCons;
%Run fmincon to find surface points with minimum risk
PointsNew = fmincon(f,x0,[],[],[],[],[],[],[]);
The second fmincon portion is still a work in progress but hopefully should be smoother! Thanks for your help and please let me know if you've got any additional comments!

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