I cannot use "syms" on matlab online

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Giulia Di Giorgio
Giulia Di Giorgio il 25 Nov 2021
Good morning, when I try to use the syms function it shows me this error:
Execution of script syms as a function is not supported:
/MATLAB Drive/syms.m
What can I do?
I checked a few related questions and a suggestion was to type:
rehash toolboxcache
When I did it, matkab showed me this message: Unable to run the 'restoredefaultpath' function, because it is not supported for MATLAB Online. To use this function, use an installed version of MATLAB on your computer.
Is there anything I can do?
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DGM il 25 Nov 2021
You have a script called syms.m. Don't name your variables or files in such a way that they shadow MATLAB function files. Rename that script.

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