Creating a plot where my x and y values are defines by equations of another variable

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Evan Thexton
Evan Thexton on 2 Dec 2021
Commented: Evan Thexton on 2 Dec 2021
Hopefully a simple enough problem to solve, and possibly just something obvious which slipped my mind. I have a pair of equations and want to plot their outputs such that equation 1 gives my x values and equation 2 gives my y values. Both have the same number of points, as both take in the same variable to generate their values, so there shouldn't be any discrepency there.
Thank you!

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 2 Dec 2021
Edited: the cyclist on 2 Dec 2021
Here is a simple example.
z = 1:10;
x = 2.*z;
y = 3.*z;
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Evan Thexton
Evan Thexton on 2 Dec 2021
Thank you!
I had done this initially and it spat out a very weird result for the equations it should have been taking in, but it turns out that something had gone horribly wrong elsewhere in my code, which your confirmation that I hadn't just gotten confused helped me find.
Once again, thank you very much

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