How can I add error bars to my scatter plot if I only have a .fig file.

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Szczepan Letkiewicz
Szczepan Letkiewicz on 3 Dec 2021
Commented: dpb on 5 Dec 2021
I have imported data from an excel sheet, x and y values and their respective errors. How can I plot a scatter graph with error bars? I have used the plot/figure editor and its property inspector to customize my graph, but I cannot add the error bars to it. I know that I can use:
errorbar(x_err, y_err, 'LineStyle','none');
But I don't have where to write it. When I use the "generate function" option from the editor, I receive a number of errors and my graph doesn't appear the same as in the editor. Is there any way I can use the graph that I customized in the editor, or do I need to make a new plot by writing a script?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 4 Dec 2021
If the figure is the current one, then
hAx=gca; % get handle to current axes
hold on % add to gca
errorbar(hAx,x_err,y_err,'LineStyle','none') % the hAx is superfluous if is gca, but can't hurt

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