In my compiled program, how to specify which MATLAB Runtime version the executable should use to run?

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Cam on 3 Dec 2021
I wrote a program in MATLAB 2020a and compiled with MATLAB Runtime 9.8 (let's call it Executable 1). I another computer there is a MATLAB program compiled using version 9.10 (let's call it Executable 2). The computer has both Runtime versions installed. We have a C# app that runs Executable 1 and then runs Executable 2. Then the C# app attempts to run Executable 1 again but it does not run at all. When I close the C# app and open it again the Executable 1 and then 2 run, but it fails when attempting to run Executable 1 a second time. So I am wondering if in the compilation there is a way to explixitly specify that Executable 1 must run with Runtime 9.8 each time it runs, because it seems like when the Executable 2 runs the program asumes that any program run after must use Runtime 9.10 which causes the Executable 1 to fail.
Any comments or suggestions regarding this are much appreciated. Thanks!

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