Difference between orth(A) and classical Gram Schmidt

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FW on 4 Dec 2021
Answered: Steven Lord on 4 Dec 2021
I wanted to know the difference between the classical Gram Schmidt (GS) method and the orth() option in MATLAB. I tried doc and help for orth but it does not mention the procedural difference between GS and orth. If we have set of three vectors v1=[2 2 1]'; v2=[2 1.8 1.1]'; v3=[2 1.6 0.9]'; The numerical output of orth and GS are totally different. Where can we find the procedural details of orth in MATLAB i.e., basically the difference between the two? Thanks.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Dec 2021
See the Algorithms section on the documentation page for the orth function.

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