DAQ Toolbox: Multiple trigger with ScansAvailableFcn Callback

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I need to periodically trigger a DAQ device from National Instruments which is capable of external hardware trigger (input: PFI0). For this, I want to use "ScanAvailableFcn" Callback which raises when the ScanAvailableFcnCount is reached. However, right now it the ScanAvailableFcnCount is just raised once, even I have configured the "NumDigitalTriggersPerRun" greater 1. Moreover, when I traced the "NumDigitalTriggersRemaining" I could determine that this property is decreasing everytime I generating the trigger signal but for somehome the ScanAvailableFcn is only raised single time at the first trigger only. I guess there is a property which blocks the ScanAvailableFcn being rasied more than one time.
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