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Same button in several GUIs?

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Andreas il 21 Nov 2014
Risposto: Adam il 24 Nov 2014
Hello together, I programmed a GUI with GUI Layout Toolbox with several TabPabels, CardPanels etc. My question is how can I create one single button and embed this button several times on different TabPanels, CardPanels, maybe also on a SubGUI. This button calls always the same callback function Is this possible somehow?
[EDITED, moved from Answer section]
Maybe a button is a bad example instead thinking of an editable text field in several TabPanels. Each field can call the same callback function. That's a good way. But when entering a text into a field all other fields in the GUI should have the same content when going to the other TabPanels. I would have to take care about that for each field. It would be easier when only one text field exists which is implemented several times. Is there a way?
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Doug Hull
Doug Hull il 21 Nov 2014
How is it "the same button"? It could be a button that does the same thing with same properties?
Jan il 24 Nov 2014
After [EDITED]: This is still a contradiction: "one field exists" and "which is implemented several times".
Why not creating several fields and update them in the callback?

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Jan il 22 Nov 2014
You can create different buttons, which all call the same callback function. This should be sufficient.

Adam il 24 Nov 2014
You can use the linkprop function to achieve this as well as callbacks if you want.
hFig1 = figure;
hText1 = uicontrol( hFig1, 'Style', 'text', 'Position', [10 10 125 25], 'String', 'Some text' );
hFig2 = figure;
hText2 = uicontrol( hFig2, 'Style', 'text', 'Position', [10 10 125 25], 'String', 'Some other text' );
hTextLink = linkprop( [hText1, hText2], 'String' );
set( hText2, 'String', 'Yet another string' ); % This should update the first text too
set( hText1, 'String', 'And another string' ); % This should update the second text too


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