TCP/IP Client Send Block sent excess package

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Danny Gho
Danny Gho on 15 Feb 2022
Commented: Danny Gho on 15 Feb 2022
Hello Everyone, Good day.
I am running to SIMULINK block to communicate with external program using TCP. I noticed that my external program receive the wrong value, and I run Wireshark package capturer to check.
As shown in the Wireshark screencapture. Instead of a single package, it send four package (sometimes three, sometimes four). Because at the receiving end receives the data instaneously instead waiting for EOL. The SImulink send the wrong value. I have to note that the First Package contain the correct float value (I checked the Hex).
Does anyone have any idea why this happen? Thank you in advance for your attention.
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Danny Gho
Danny Gho on 15 Feb 2022
As further information, I use the TCP/IP Receive and TCP/IP Send Block (Instrument Control).

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