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how to calculate the value from program

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shiv gaur
shiv gaur on 16 Feb 2022
Closed: Rik on 16 Feb 2022
ef = 1.5^2; ec = -2^2; es = -1.8^2;
k0 = 1; a = 0.63; pc = ef/ec; ps = ef/es; binit = 0.5*sqrt(ef);
kf = sqrt(ef-binit^2);
as = sqrt(binit^2-es);
ac = sqrt(binit^2-ec);
tol = 1e-12; n = 1;
while 1
kf_new = (atan(-kf/ac/pc)+atan(-kf/as/ps))/2/a;
if abs(kf_new-kf) < tol, break; end
kf = kf_new;
be = sqrt(ef - kf^2);
as = sqrt(be^2 - es); %c % edit Rik: assuming this is a typo
ac = sqrt(be^2 - ec);
E = abs(tan(2*k0*a*kf) - kf*(pc*ac+ps*as)/(kf^2 - pc*ac*ps*as)) ;
phi = (atan(pc*ac/kf) - atan(ps*as/kf) + pi)/2;
how to find the value of be from this program
Rik on 16 Feb 2022
As @AndresVar implies: this is a fairly basic Matlab question. You may consider doing the Onramp tutorial (which is provided for free by Mathworks).
If you format your question as code, you can even run your code in the forum interface. Have a read here and here.
Since this is mostly a duplicate from you new question I'm going to close this one.

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