Rotate the colormap image: Axis labels missing after rotation!

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I have a colormap image as shown here.
I want to rotate it through 45 degrees. I used imrotate to perform this as follows:
After doing this, I am getting the image rotated but unfortunately without axis, labels and title... im just getting the image (following image).
How can I insert the axis labels and all or how to perform rotation keeping the axis labels and title?
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aneps il 14 Dic 2014
Modificato: aneps il 14 Dic 2014
set() is just to adjust the intensity scale of the colormap. I can remove it and change the intensity manually. But that doesn't solve the issue of missing axes labels etc...The colorbar and axes labels vanish when I use 'imshow'

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 14 Dic 2014
After the call to imshow(), call colorbar().
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aneps il 15 Dic 2014
Thanks... I made it finally using 'flipud':
imshow(flipud(ImageRot),'XData',[0 40],'YData',[0 40])
set(gca, 'ydir', 'normal');

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