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Connect Simscape blocks in for each subsystems

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MrPowerElectronics il 28 Mar 2022
Risposto: Jaynik il 28 Dic 2023
Is it possible to model repetitive connections of Simscape blocks in a subsystem such as a for each subsystem?
For example, I have a model of a cell in Simscape Electrical and want to simulate it 20 times in parallel to form a battery. Is there a more efficient way to do it than to draw the model 20 times? Simulink doesn't seem to allow arrays for Simscape phyisical signals so I haven't found a way to do this efficiently.
My main goal is to be able to re-organise the arrangement of the blocks with code, for example to switch between a 20x parallel configuration to a 10x parallel configuration without having to re-draw simscape lines.

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Jaynik il 28 Dic 2023
I understand that you want to create a system that can be used repetitively instead of manually creating repetitive connections.
If your application allows, you can create a custom library with a Simscape block that represents your system. This library can then be directly used each time instead of building the system manually. Alternatively, you can use Simscape "Composite Components" which is used for constructing a custom component by connecting multiple components. For adding multiple lines and blocks programmetically, you can use "add_block" and "add_line" functions in a loop.
Refer to the following documentation to learn more about each block:
Alternatively, assuming that you want to create a battery system and your cell model is a "Cell" object, you can use the "Simscape Battery" package for a programmetic way of creating a battery or the "Battery Builder" app which follows a more interactive and visual approach. You can refer the following example to get started on creating a battery using "Simscape Battery" and "Battery Builder":
Hope this helps!


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