What means "MATLAB connector is not running"?

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I have a GUI app that runs fine under MATLAB, however when compiled as standalone with MCC, I get a strange warning message
"warning: MATLAB connector is not running." when doing zooming my graphics.
There are very little info I can find on this warning. Can anyone help to point me to the possible cause.
Here is a screen shot of the command window:

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Yukta Maurya
Yukta Maurya on 24 May 2022
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 24 May 2022
In my case it is not clear if there is an uiwait.
However it happens that I define my own ActionPostCallback of zoom and pan objects
zoomh = zoom(figh);
panh = pan(figh);
set(zoomh, 'ActionPostCallback', @CurvePreview_ZoomPostCallBack);
set(panh, 'ActionPostCallback', @CurvePreview_ZoomPostCallBack);
I figure out to turn off the warning by
I'll try to replace it with
to see how it goes

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