how to make a polygon with direction of points?

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i want to make a polygon with direction of points like second polygon.
but what i can only make is first polygo which is i didn't intend to make.
the polygon should be made from mean point.
let me know how to draw a polygon with specific direction.
Sierra on 23 May 2022
my input data are cooridnates, and the mean point is mean of a lot of coordinates.
i made a square using percentile.
what i want to know is how to rotate the square using angle between two points.
sorry for make you confused.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 May 2022
You can create a transformation matrix. I recommend using makehgtform() . Transforms for it are applied right (last) to left (first). Typically you would subtract off the center of rotation, rotate, then add back the center of rotation... except in reverse order, so something like
M = makehgtform('translate', cx, cy, cz, 'xrotate', angle, 'translate', -cx, -cy, -cz)
You would then create coordinate lists for your points, [x(:), y(:), z(:), zeros(numel(x),1] and post-multiply by M to get transformed points.

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