Is it possible that if I can decode LTE MIB, but SIB1 decoding is failed?

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I've captured with 30.72e6 sample rate IQ signals within 1.5 sec. Which should be enough for at least 10 frames, each frame is 10 ms, AFAIK. Now, MIB is transmitted each 4th frame started from SFN 0 and SIB1 each 8th started from SFN 0 per this paper
I'm re-using Matlab's SIB1RecoveryExample.m file and can successfully find MIB, by verifying correct NCellID (PCI). However, on SIB1 decoding, it fails. I see constellation plot is dense, not centered. Any hints what to tune? Should I capture more than 1.5 sec? I've worked with RMC models, it's all cool, but I want to work with real data to verify each network operator's submitted BW and EVM.
Here is the output of console (attached).

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