3d line plot faster.

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Jae-Hee Park
Jae-Hee Park on 13 Jun 2022
Commented: Jae-Hee Park on 14 Jun 2022
I am looking for 3D Line plot faster.
My plot data is continuous and has 1 to 86400*365*10 lines. (1sec ~10 years seconds)
Actually it is orbit position data.
But when I just plot just 30 days(86400*30 lines), Rotating the plot was too slow.I think It cause of data ploints are too many.
If I would like to plot faster, what can I do?
Should I interpolate for convert 1 sec data to 60 sec?
Thank for your help.
Here is my pseudo code on app designer.
start_time = yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS;
end_time = yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS;
dt = end_time - start_time; % this will be seconds. so If the time interval is 30 days,
% then dt is 86400 * 30.
init_satellites_properties(); % this properties make sure the satellites orbit.
[x_,y_,z_] = function_for_get_orbit_position(app); % this function returns the positions
% of satellites by times.
% thus if the time interval is 30 days
% then size(x_),size(y_),size(z_) will be [1, 86400*30].
% I wannt to rotate 3D plot smoothly but It has too much delay.
Jae-Hee Park
Jae-Hee Park on 14 Jun 2022
@Voss@Jan I add my pseudo code! thank you.

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