Simulink Desktop Real-Time parallel simulations and communicate between simulations

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I know that parsim command could be used to run parallel simulations in Simulink. However, I want to run simulations real-time. Therefore, does anyone have any experience using parsim to run parallel simulations (hardware in the loop) real-time? Can I use Simulink Desktop Real-Time for this? Please note that I want to run simulations on a single computer, and I want to communicate signals between simulations.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 26 Jul 2022
Hi Abdülhamit,
it is not possible to run parallel simulations using Simulink Desktop Real-Time using parsim or any similar approach. Simulink Desktop Real-Time uses built-in real-time scheduler that is responsible for scheduling individual real-time tasks so that real-time criteria are met.
Instead of trying to run several simulations in parallel, you can try to run all the models together using model referencing. That is, you create an empty top model, reference all the models that should be run from this top model, then run the top model in real time. This also solves the issue of communication between the models - you can connect the input and output signals of the submodels at the top model level.
Good Luck, Jan

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