How to embed a series of Gaussians in a Lorentzian just by adding functions?

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I want to have the shown function in Matlab and use it in my simulations and codes. It is a series of Gaussians (which has a narrow band of around 200 MHz) embedded in a broadband Lorentzian function (approximately 50 GHz). Could you please help me with how I can write a function just by adding some functions to show this figure? I know how to do that by, for example, removing some elements from the Lorentzian at that point and using concatenation techniques. But I need to show this function in my code as the sum or subtraction of some functions because I want to do other processes on it. I have attached a zoom-out figure which shows what I mean as a whole. Then in other pictures with numbers, I mostly want to say I need to define these series of Gaussians embedded into a broader Lorentzian in a flexible way such that I can obtain figures 1, 2, and 3 by changing some parameters of the added functions.
Your help is so much appreciated!

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