Indexing cannot yield multiple results

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bkshn il 19 Feb 2015
Commentato: Guillaume il 19 Feb 2015
Hello I use size function on image 466*700*3 unit8 .
[xm ym zm]=size(Main);
but I see this error
Indexing cannot yield multiple results.
Could you help me?

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dpb il 19 Feb 2015
Clearly Main must be something other than a 3D array at this time or you've aliased size or somesuch.
What does
whos Main
return? If that doesn't clarify things, then
which size
clear size
and try again.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 19 Feb 2015
In addition to dpb's suggestions, which will probably fix it. You got the names wrong. The first dimension returned by size() is the y dimension (rows), not the x dimension. Thinking that the order x,y is the same as row,column is a very common error. So use one of these calls
[rows, columns, numberOfColorChannels] = size(yourImage);
[ySize, xSize, zSize] = size(yourImage);
but NOT the way you did it.
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dpb il 19 Feb 2015
In addition to dpb's suggestions, ... You got the names wrong.
Good catch, didn't even notice that--dpb
Guillaume il 19 Feb 2015
Maybe a bit pedantic, but it all depends on your coordinate system. The OP could very well have a coordinate system where x is pointing down and y pointing right.
Probably not.
It's actually a bit of an issue that matlab's documentation (particularly regionprops) doesn't actually specify which coordinate system is in use.

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