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Polyspace Reports unwanted N/As

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Havva Esim AKDAG
Havva Esim AKDAG il 9 Set 2022
Modificato: Anirban il 19 Apr 2023
Hello Dear Official,
We are developing automotive software and we are realizing static code analysis of our codes with Polyspace but we have trouble with analysis reports. There are some N/As in our reports for example, in Chapter 1. Polyspace Bug Finder Summary, in Table 1.1. Project Summary, there are N/As in Pass/Fail part as seen in the attachment. Actually, we want to see "passed" in this section.
Could you help us with this topic? Thanks in advance, we look forward to your help.
Saygılarımla / Best Regards / Mit Freundlichen Grüssen,

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Anirban il 14 Set 2022
Modificato: Anirban il 19 Apr 2023
To have a pass/fail status, you have to specify something called Software Quality Objectives (SQO). So, the pass/fail status would be determined with respect to those objectives.
Unfortunately, if you are using the desktop products only, there is no way to specify those and have them show up in reports. You have to go through Polyspace Access to get this information. So, you can upload results to Polyspace Access, apply SQO and then generate reports (either directly on the results in Polyspace Access or after downloading back to your desktop product). You have a few options here:
  • If your organization has Polyspace Access set up, you can go through that route, apply SQO, and get the column filled.
  • You can generate Word reports and manually fill that column.

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