aligni to the center character string in array cells

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antonio il 18 Set 2023
Commentato: antonio il 19 Set 2023
I have a character array. I would like to alligne to the center of cells with a simple funcion or so on.
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 19 Set 2023
@antonio, you have not attached the file, just a screenshot.
Please attach the file you are working with.

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi il 18 Set 2023
If you mean to align the strings in center justification, use strjust -
C1 = {'Euler ';
' Gauss'}
C1 = 3×1 cell array
{'Euler '} {'Fibonacci'} {' Gauss'}
C2 = strjust(C1,'center')
C2 = 3×1 cell array
{' Euler '} {'Fibonacci'} {' Gauss '}
If this is not what you wanted to do, please attach the data and code you are working with and specify what you want do.
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antonio il 19 Set 2023
Dear Joshi, this is the initial script tu define first two rows of array (winding of mutilayr coil and inductance and mutual inductance calculation)
% Definizione della tabella
Caratt_Filo = [5:5];
% Conversione di Caratt_Filo in un array di stringhe
Caratt_Filo = string(Caratt_Filo);
% Scrittura del Testo
Caratt_Filo(1, 1) = ("Sezione");
Caratt_Filo(1, 2) = ("φ Filo Nudo");
Caratt_Filo(1, 3) = ("Res. D.C.");
Caratt_Filo(1, 4) = ("IMax");
Caratt_Filo(1, 5) = ("IMax f(T)");
Caratt_Filo(2, 1) = ("mm^2");
Caratt_Filo(2, 2) = ("mm");
Caratt_Filo(2, 3) = ("(Ω/m)")
Caratt_Filo(2, 4) = ("A");
Caratt_Filo (2,5) = ("A");
My purpose is to align to the center of cells all the strings, only for aesthetic reason, following allignement on right side of the value of parameters in string format loaded from excel file (but i think this is not possible).
I belive that it appear the only way in matlab to have perfect indented table, also.
I pheraps undersood why i am not able to do that. I think that matlab act as excel, in which the cell width depend on pixels that compose the characters (Font type and dimensions). I can overcame inserting blank at the beginning (only for indent, but i am curious to do that with same embedded funtion. The screen shot tath i sent is just the results of your script inside table in the workspace.
Thanks for your interest

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DGM il 18 Set 2023
Modificato: DGM il 18 Set 2023
So it's either a string array or a cellchar. In either case it has some unknown amount of whitespace on at least one side. It's hard to tell because of the variable-width font. For all we know, it's already padded to the center and this complaint is entirely about the display in the variable browser.
So that's my guess. If this is all about the display in the variable browser, then no, as far as I know there isn't a "center" option (at least not in my older version). However, if the array is already padded with whitespace, it won't display as centered unless you're using a monospace font in the variable browser.
Again, that only solves the display issue of strings/chars that are already padded. It doesn't add the padding to the array.
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antonio il 18 Set 2023
thanks at this point i think is better, for me, tu put blanck at the beginning of string

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antonio il 18 Set 2023
I forget. Perhaps it act as excel in wich if i remember well, the cell width is function of n. of pixel of each font


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