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Why do my Simulink panels partially hide and rearrange themselves?

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Hello there.
After creating a panel in Simulink and populating it with dashboard blocks, the layout looks as though it is not scaling properly when it is opened in a new window - blocks move position and change size randomly. I have noticed that placing custom labels/annotations within the panel has an effect on the block layout when opened as a new window, so I have removed these but I would ideally like to keep them in.
Also, I can also only see a small portion of the panel when it is floating above my Simulink model, meaning I have to enter edit mode to see the entire thing. As a consequence of this, I can only interact with the panel when it is open in a new window, at which point the layout has changed itself. Is there any way to fix this?
Please see the attached images for reference. Also note that I am no graphic designer :)
Thanks in advance.

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Jaynik il 17 Nov 2023
Hi Jack,
I understand that you are facing issues in panels in Simulink like only small portion of the panel is visible and scaling issues on placing custom labels.
I have encountered the same issues on my system as well. It appears that these issues are typically caused by a "High DPI" error on Windows. They occur when the Windows Font Scaling (Text Size) or Display Scale is set to a value higher than 100%. However, by simply exiting MATLAB, adjusting the value back to 100%, and restarting MATLAB, the mentioned issues can be resolved.
Hope this helps!
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Jack il 23 Nov 2023
Hi there,
Thanks very much for your help, I ended up changing the matlab.exe properties so that it would scale itself instead of following the system setting, which worked perfectly. I'll share the guide I followed in case anyone else has this problem in the future and doesn't want to change the system setting everytime they want to use MATLAB:

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