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Update A2L file with ECU addresses from elf file

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Jackson il 5 Dic 2023
Risposto: Jaynik il 11 Dic 2023
Is there a way to update an exisiting A2L file with ecu addresses from an elf file without the model?
This elf file is built externally but contains code generated from some Simulink blocks.
I read the post below and understand that we can generate an A2L file from the model and input the elf file as an argument, but because the elf file is generated in a later stage of our process, we were hoping we could update the A2L file separately without the model.

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Jaynik il 11 Dic 2023
Hi Jackson,
I understand that you want to directly update the “ECU addresses” of an existing “A2L” file from an “ELF” file without using the model.
In R2022b, MATLAB provides the rtw.asap2SetAddress” function which can directly update the “ASAP2File ECU addresses with the help of an “ELF” file through the command line without the need to open the model manually.
You can refer the following documentation to learn more about the function:
Hope this helps!


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