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Switching and Conduction losses of MOSFET

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I have simulated a 3-Phase inverter, does ee_getPowerLossSummary Function provides accurate losses, and the losses which are calculated using ee_getPowerLossSummary are total losses of MOSFET (Switching + Conduction) or just those are switching losses? IF those are only switching losses, is there any other function or method to calculate conduction losses?
Thank you in advance.

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Sabin il 22 Dic 2023
lossesTable = ee_getPowerLossSummary(node) calculates dissipated power losses and switching losses for semiconductor blocks in a model, based on logged simulation data, and returns the data for each block in a table.
These blocks in the Semiconductors & Converters library support the calculation of switching losses and reverse recovery losses, when applicable:
The ee_getPowerLossSummary function calculates average losses for each block that has a power_dissipated variable.
The accuracy of the computed losses will be influenced by the level of fidelity of the physical network analyzed.
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Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali il 25 Dic 2023
Thanks for responding
Could you tell me which equation does this function use, because I have come across few switching losses equation, just want to make sure?
Thank you!

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