Why the x-axis of the graph didnt follow the lentgh of the data?

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Hi, Good day
I'm a new beginner for MATLAB.
why, when I'm plot the raw signal data,the x-axis make an extended plotted and left some space.
In my situation, the length of data is 12718, and the figure show, it's stop at 12718. But why, this figure plotted the x-axis until 14000, why not 12718.
There is an attachment figure (.jpg) as reference.
This is the code :
fs=100; raw=load('nazrulPPG.txt'); data=raw(1900:7900); L=length(data); t=0:(1/fs):60;
%figure (1) Original data subplot(311); plot(raw) subplot(312); plot(t,data);
Thank you for your cooperation
Best Regards Sabrina

Accepted Answer

Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy on 5 May 2015
After your plot command, add this:
set(gca,'xlim',[0 L]);

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