How can I import a signal extracting function in a Simulink 'From Workspace'-block?

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I'm working on a project where I have to import a signal to Simulink. I first need to build the Signal from a ".mat" file (here called "data"), this file contains two sets of values and two sets of times. For the purpose of extracting and creating a signal (here "s"), I created this little function ("fkt").
function [ s ] = fkt()
%UNTITLED2 Summary of this function goes here
% Detailed explanation goes here
samples= 100000:105000 ;
t = [data1_time(samples)]';
x= [data1_val(samples)];
s.time= t;
s.signals.values = x;
s.signals.dimensions =2 ;
I used it as "Data" parameter for a 'From Workspace'-block in Simulink and connected it to a scope, to have a look at the signal I get. But I get the block error:
*Invalid setting in 'Project/From Workspace' for parameter 'VariableName'.
Error evaluating parameter 'VariableName' in 'Project/From Workspace'
Undefined variable "fkt" or class "fkt.m".*
What am I doing wrong? I tried some stuff but I'm not getting where my mistake is. :-(
Thank you in advance :)
Best regards,

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 3 Giu 2015
The From Workspace block looks for Data (s) instead of script (fkt.m).
What happen if you put s instead if fkt/fkt.m in the Data parameter?
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Pascal Mousel
Pascal Mousel il 3 Giu 2015
Thank you for your response! But I already tried that, in that case I get a different error:
Invalid structure-format variable specified as workspace input in 'BA/From Workspace'. The structure's 'dimensions' field must be a scalar or a vector with 2 elements. In addition, this field must be compatible with the dimensions of input signal stored in the 'values' field.
But since my dimensions are a scalar and I have two dimensions I don't get that error either... Or am I missing something? :/

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