Possible combinations for elements of five vectors

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I am stuck with a question involving combinations (and permutations, may be!). I would really appreciate any help.
I have five vectors:
D1=[a1 a2 a3]
D2=[b1 b2 b3]
D5=[e1 e2 e3]
where a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, ....e1, e2, e3 are all positive integers
I am interested in getting all the possible combinations such that only one number is chosen from each vector. Each generated combination should therefore have 5 elements. For example:
[a1, b1, c1, d1, e1]
[a1, b2, c1, d1, e1]
  • No need to mention but there shouldn't be any combination with size less or more than 5. And, just one element should be chosen from each vector. For example, [a1, b1, b2, c1, d1] shall not be in the solution since D2's elements are chosen twice and there ain't any chosen from D5.
I hope I was good enough with the words.

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James Tursa
James Tursa il 9 Lug 2015
Modificato: James Tursa il 9 Lug 2015
Depending on which indexing order you want. You can find allcomb by Jos here:
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manish sharma
manish sharma il 9 Lug 2015
You're a life saver, James! This was clear, concise, and perfect.
Thank you!

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