how to get the mathematical modelling of gamakas and plane tones in carnatic music.

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Hi, This suresh,i am doing masters in Indian Institute of Science,bangalore. write now i am doing project on Musical Signal Processing.So my role on project is finding of mathematical modelling of Gamakas and plane tones of carnatic(south indian) music. So , if any body have knowledge regarding my project, plz help us. thankyou.

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Arun Seshadri Rammohan
Arun Seshadri Rammohan on 6 Jul 2022
Edited: Arun Seshadri Rammohan on 6 Jul 2022
Hello Suresh,
Plain notes can simply be assigned a frequency. Most forms of music agree with 12 unique notes (frequencies), which are called as Swara(m)s in Caranatic music. Here is a link to my matlab code that plays the major combination of these notes:
Gamakas are "details" between notes. Multiple types of Gamakas exist and these need to be considered individually. With Gamakas the focus is also on the magnitude and speed (time) in addition to the frequency of the notes (sin(2*pi*f*t+phi)).


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