Is there any option to rotate an image from the selected pixel as a center point?

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I want to rotate an image. But the rotation should be made such that the selected pixel should be the center location of rotation. Can anyone please help me?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 29 Set 2015
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Stephen23 il 29 Set 2015
Modificato: Stephen23 il 29 Set 2015
You need to download that function. It is not part of MATLAB, but is a third-party function that you can download for free from MATLAB File Exchange:
  • follow the link that Walter Roberson gave you
  • click Download Zip, save it
  • unzip that zip-file into your MATLAB path (e.g. the current directory)
  • then try it again.
If their submission works well, then go back to that page and give them a rating and a comment. They will appreciate it.

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