How can I have a timer continue after an error?

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Cary il 1 Ott 2015
Risposto: Jan il 1 Ott 2015
Here is script A:
t = timer;
t.Period = 10;
t.TasksToExecute = inf;
t.ExecutionMode = 'fixedRate';
t.TimerFcn = 'Weeklys';
On occasion I get an error saying
Error while evaluating TimerFcn for timer 'timer-2'
Matrix dimensions must agree.
And then the timer stops running the 'Weeklys' script. Is there a way to have it continue even if it encounters an error?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 1 Ott 2015
Far and away, your best bet is to fix the error :). Check if the matrix dimensions agree and if they do not, take a different code path.
Alternatively, put a try/catch block around the 'TimerFcn'
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Cary il 1 Ott 2015
I know this sounds dumb but how can I locate the error. I'm using MATLAB's profiler but I'm not learning anything from it.

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Jan il 1 Ott 2015
Please post the complete error message.
t.TimerFcn = 'Weeklys';
Try to use a function handle as TimerFcn as explained in the documentation of timer.


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