How to save data from created guide?

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Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura il 13 Nov 2015
Risposto: Adam il 13 Nov 2015
Hello All,
I need plot data from mixed *.xlsx file. Before it, I want to save data. I do application in GUIDE and I need always to have access to data. How should I save data? I tried to use xlswrite...but it doesnt work....Could you help me please?

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Adam il 13 Nov 2015
What do you mean by 'always have access to it'? Do you mean actually 'always' or just for the duration of the GUI being open.
If you mean always then I would assume xlswrite is the correct approach if your data is from a .xlsx file. I have never used that personally though as I always save data from Matlab to a .mat file using
save( filename, 'variable1', 'variable2', etc)
If you mean you want the data for the duration of the GUI then attach it to the handles struct as e.g = ...
guidata( hObject, handles );
Then in any other callback of the GUI you can just access it as

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