plotmatrix - how to change the color according to one variable in data?

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I have dataset with 5 different variables. I would like to generate plotmatrix where all plots are colored according to the first variable (first variable has values "one" or "two". I used the following code, but all my plots still have the same color.
if Y(:,1) > 1
hold on
else plotmatrix(Y,'r');
hold off

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Adam on 26 Nov 2015
Edited: Adam on 26 Nov 2015
The final example of
doc plotmatrix
shows how colour individual plots if that is what you are aiming to do (at least in the help for R2015b and it mentions the notation change for R2014a so I assume it has been there for a few versions).
I haven't followed the steps myself, but one of the graphs shown has a different colour to the rest.
Matthieu Heitz
Matthieu Heitz on 17 Jul 2017
The function 'gplotmatrix()' does this exactly, pass your first column of labels as the 'group' parameter. You need the Statistics and MachineLearning Toolbox though.

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Stephen23 on 17 Jul 2017
hold on

Tobias Held
Tobias Held on 28 Feb 2022
I was looking for the same function, but with a continuous scale. However, I was not able to find an answer and made a function myself. I am happy to receive feedback :)

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