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Connection issue for Lego Windstorm EV3 and Matlab 2015b under Mac 10.11.3

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I have successfully paired Mac with Lego Mindstorm EV3, and the connection is stable. However, the command
myLego = legoev3('Bluetooth','/dev/tty.EV3-SerialPort');
brought the error message
Error using error
Unable to load a message catalog 'legoev3io:build'. Please check the file
location and format.
Error in legoev3 (line 157)
I have spent hours but could not find a solution. I also tried
but it gave the some error message.
On the other hand, I can send commend from Lego Mindstorm EV3 software either from USB or Bluetooth without any problem.
Please help!
Many thanks Kyle
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Kyle il 21 Feb 2016
I tried different versions of Matlab on my macbook but none of them could connect to my EV3.

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