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Limit of a Cell

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fert on 27 Feb 2016
Commented: fert on 28 Feb 2016
I have a "x1c" cell, and with the following code:
for N=1:6591
for t=1:200
I would like to take the "limit of the "k" while t goes infinity"; is it possible?


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Feb 2016
No because you have x1c{t,1} and if t is infinite, then you'd need infinite number of cells in your cell array, which you don't have enough memory for.


fert on 28 Feb 2016
I couldn't make smaller the file for 5 Mb, thus I uploaded here:
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Feb 2016
Perhaps I'll try something later if you you answer my two questions in my earlier reply (third and last chance or I'm moving on).
fert on 28 Feb 2016
Oh I am so sorry.
So, x1c{1} is x1, and x1c{2} is x2, and x1c{3} = x3? Is that correct?
It is not correct. x1c{1} is a cell which includes 6591 atoms' i j k position directions.
Okay, but then why does x1, x2, and x3 have 3 columns instead of 1? According to the formula, x sub n takes one index and a 2D array would take 2 indexes.
Since it contains both i j k directions.

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