how to draw a 3-D frequency Distribution map with 3 differentlabels?

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here is the data(which is attached below):the first column is the first feature,the second column is the second feature,the third column is the labels include 3 labels. hist3 function can only draw 1 this:
</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/53400/1.jpg> but there are 3 labels. how can I draw them together,like stacked?and with different colors? thanks!

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 1 Jun 2016
This is a very lazy solution, and there will be some tearing in graphics so you have to move the view around to get it right:
[w,n] = hist3(data);
hist3([data1;data2;data3],n,'FaceColor',[1 0 0]); hold on;
hist3([data1;data2],n,'FaceColor',[0 1 0]);
hist3(data1,n,'FaceColor',[0 0 1]);

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